logo: Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
logo: Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

2019 Countywide Chipping Schedule

Chipping Program and Application

All piles must be complete by the Application Due Date
Contact an  
Area Manager
 for additional information 
Community Application Due Dates Project Type
Lexington Hills Areas
Hutchinson/Summit west of Hwy 17 April 14 At Home
Summit Rd/Melody Ln/Mtn. Charlie Rd April 14 At Home
Redwood Estates (Day 1) April 27 Drive-Up
 Redwood Lodge/Summit Woods April 28 At Home
Montevina Rd/ Brush Rd/Hillside Dr April 28 At Home
Chemeketa Park
May 4 Drive-Up
Beardsley/Black/Thompson/Gist Rds May 5 At Home
Highland/Longridge/Stetson Rds May 5 At Home
Aldercroft Heights/Lupin Lodge/Soda Springs May 12 At Home
Los Gatos below the dam May 12 At Home
Redwood Estates (Day 2) May 18 Drive-up
Bear Creek Rd/Bear Creek Stables May 19 At Home
Summit Road near the school/Villa del Monte May 19 At Home
Oakmont/Wright Dr/OSCH/Gillette/Call of the Wild
June 2 At Home
Loma Chiquita/top of Casa Loma June 2 At Home
Loma Prieta School June 15 Drive-up
West Valley Areas  
 Saratoga/Cupertino/Los Gatos Foothills May 12 At Home
North County Areas  
 Palo Alto June 2 At Home
San Jose Areas  
 Alum Rock/Felter Rd/East Foothills May 26 At Home
 New Almaden  June 8 At Home 
Morgan Hill and Gilroy Areas  
 Croy/Casa Loma  May 19  At Home 
 Sycamore and Watsonville Rd May 19 At Home
 Oak Glen and Llagas May 26 At Home 
 West Oak Glen and Willow Springs May 26 At Home
 El Matador and Whitehurst June 2 At Home 
 Day Road June 2 At Home
 Gilroy East  June 9 At Home 
 Jackson Oaks June 9 At Home

Drive-up: Bring cut fuel to a specific location and chipping is done on the spot.

At Home: Chipping is done house to house. Participants must submit chipping application 1 week prior to end date.

Please follow the SCFSC checklist on the Chipping Application when preparing your piles.

Do not add additional material to piles after the application due date.

Even with average rainfall this last winter, the last two wildfire seasons have been California's worst in recent years.  The fire danger has significantly increased in our mountain communities.  It is the time of year to prepare for wildfire season and create 100’ of Defensible Space around your home. Not only does this help protect your home in the case of a wildland fire, it also helps protect our community as a whole.

The FireSafe Council is offering free chipping again this spring. In February's issue of MNN, there is a description of our free chipping and a chipping application. The chipping is free and follows our regular chipping program requirements:

¨  Cut ends must face the same direction and point out toward the chipper location.

¨  Piles must be located on the uphill side of the road or driveway.

¨  Piles must be within 5 feet of the chipper location and less than 4 feet in height.

¨  Limbs must be less than 8 inches in diameter.

¨  Piles must be hand stacked and free of all roots, stumps, rocks and mud.

¨  Piles must be free of poison oak, Scotch broom after it seeds, blackberry and vines.

¨  SCFSC contractor cannot chip piles of leaves, pine needles or yard clippings.

¨  Piles must be free of all non-vegetative materials (trash, metal, wire, etc).

¨  SCFSC cannot chip timber harvest debris or material from orchards or vacant lot

¨  Piles need to be complete by the application due date

¨  Be aware that using power tools near dry vegetation can ignite a fire.  Have water nearby.

We won’t be able to accept late applications.

Please include your phone number and/or email address so that we can notify you of the date that chipping will occur on your property.

We’d also like to remind you to consider other fireSafe steps including cleaning out your gutters, sweeping debris off your decks and underneath stairs, making at least 10’ of clearance around your propane tank and keeping trees at least 10’ up off your roof and sides of your house or structure.

We Appreciate Your Support

Much of the FireSafe Council's work this year in the Santa Cruz Mountain area is being funded by local contributions. In the past, we have received funding from Federal Grants. This funding is not guaranteed and we must re-apply for it every year. Our funding comes from homeowners, homeowner associations, large land owners and local government agencies.

Over the last eight years our programs have grown from helping a few dozen homeowners to helping several hundred. With several years of very dry weather and a dramatic increase in wildfires both locally and statewide, it is more important than ever for each of us to make sure we have Defensible Space around our homes before the next wildfire. We expect the demand for our programs to continue growing. We need your ongoing support. The suggested donation is $25 to $100 depending on the amount of chipping that needs to be done. Larger donations are gratefully appreciated and go toward making all of our community safer.


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