logo: Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
logo: Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

Making Your Home Fire Safe

Homeowers Checklist

How to make your home fire safe. A four page checklist for homeowners and residents.

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Hallway
  • Bedroom
  • Bathoom
  • Garage
  • Design/Contstructon
  • Access
  • Roof
  • Landscape
  • Yard
  • Emergency Water Supply

Living With Fire in Santa Clara County

Living with Fire in Santa Clara County. Our updated 20-page guide for property owners and residents.

Topics covered in this publication include:

  • Defensible Space - What it is, FAQs
  • Creating Defensible Space - A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Fire Safe Landscape Design
  • Planting Trees Near Power Lines
  • Fire Resistant Plants
  • Roofing Materials
  • When Wildfire Approaches

UC Homeowner's Wildfire Mitigation Guide

Information in the Homeowner's Wildfire Mitigation Guide was compiled by individuals at the University of California, Berkeley, and is based on the results from laboratory fire tests, observations made during post-fire assessments and input from those who are involved in firefighting. It is important to realize that no house is completely fire proof, but you can make it more fire-safe.

The goal of the information contained in this website is to provide information on how homes ignite and are destroyed during wildfires, and to provide guidance on changes you can make to your home and its surroundings to make it better able to survive a wildfire, and to also help you understand why these changes are important.

California Living - Fire Safe Videos

From Oakland to Riverside, California Fire Safe: Controlling Nature's Wrath, takes viewers to locations throughout California, demonstrating step-by-step how homeowners living in fire danger zones can protect their loved ones, homes and communities from the devastating effects of wildfire. Helpful instructions include how to create defensible space on property, identify potential hazards, and select fire retardant landscaping.

CAL FIRE Inspects for Defensible Space. CAL FIRE Inspectors and Firefighters make sure homeowners have good Defensible Space around their homes.

Defending Against Wildfires

Defend yourself from the next major fire that threatens our community by taking appropriate measures now.

Another good Santa Clara County list of things to do

Wildfires are an undeniable part of California's wildland.  For more information on how to prepare for wildfires, and for a wildfire action plan checklist, visit www.readyforwildfire.org.

"Firewise" Information

homeowner next to firewise event signConcerned about brush, grass or forest fires where you live? Learn more about Firewise principles. Find tips and tools to make your home and neighborhood safer from wildland fire. The Firewise Website has information about wildfires and how to prepare and protect your home.

Learn about the first Firewise community in Santa Clara County: read how Morgan Hill's Jackson Oaks community mobilized themselves.

Defensible Space Chipping Programs

Do you live in one of the 14 Santa Clara County Communities at Risk from wildfires?

Information and applications for our Santa Clara County FireSafe Council Defensible Space Chipping Programs.


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